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  • " I have a conviction that a few weeks spent in a well organized summer camp may be of more value educationally than a whole year of formal school work." Charles William Eliot, former President of Harvard University
  • "I am all for camping. I don't worry about the students that are going to summer camps." Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education
  • "Camp is awesome! We tried something new everyday. I miss my counselors- they were cool." South Breeze Camper

South Breeze Day Camp


Welcome to South Breeze Day Camp

Where every action-packed day includes non-stop fun, great friends and a mature, caring staff to make sure every camper is having a great day!

Get ready for a summer full of fun, friendship, new skills, and memories to last a lifetime.  At South Breeze Day Camp, each camp day is packed with an exciting array of activities.  Sports, creative and performing arts, nature and outdoor adventures, and spirited special event days… all provided in a fun filled supportive environment.

South Breeze combines great facilities, outstanding programs, experienced leadership and dedicated staff, to create the perfect environment for campers to learn new skills, make new friends, develop self–esteem, and HAVE FUN! 


South Breeze Day Camp is Leaps and bounds above the rest.  Mother of 3rd grade Boy

Thanks for such a wonderful camp experience. My daughter loves it and comes home elated and full of stories!  Mother of 3rd Grade Girl

You guys are awesome...great staff, great everyone! I am so glad you are here in Naples. Mother of Pre-K and K girls

My son is absolutely bananas about camp-he's having a great time- thanks for bringing such a nice day camp to Naples. Mother of Kindergarten Boy

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