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  • How long are the sessions?

    South Breeze Day Camp runs a full seven-week program, with new Special Event themes and new Club electives added weekly. Campers may enroll for entire summer or for a shorter time period.

  • Where is South Breeze Day Camp located?

    South Breeze Day Camp is being hosted on the beautiful St. Ann School campus located at 542 Eighth Avenue South for the weeks of June 19 and June 26.

  • Is camp available by the day? By the week?

    Camp enrollment is 1 week sessions.

  • How long is the camp day? Can I send my child for an abbreviated day? Do you offer extended care?

    Camp runs from 9:00am-4:00pm each day. We may offer an extended day option (for a small fee) allowing for drop off beginning at 7:30am and pick up as late as 5:30pm ( 5:00pm on Fridays.) Please call Eric at 239-213-8001 if you are interested in extended hours.

  • Is there a communication policy?

    Please feel free to call us ANYTIME with any concern you have. We are looking to provide the highest quality experience possible for your child and if a call or visit enhances this, then please do so. For our part, we will keep you informed of your child’s progress and will not hesitate to call you with any concerns that arise. Please understand that Eric spends his day hands-on with the campers and staff and may not be readily available at the time of your call. We frequently return calls after 4:00pm. However, we are available anytime, if a situation requires immediate attention.

  • How do we inform you that someone else is picking up my child in the afternoon?

    Should your transportation plans change, please call,text or email us during the day. If your child has a play date or is being picked up by a grandparent, for example, we ask you to text or email. If someone other than a parent frequently picks up your child (for example, a babysitter 3x per week, a friend every Wednesday, an ongoing carpool) we ask that you provide us with this information prior to the camp season.

  • What do you do on VERY hot days? What if it rains?

    At South Breeze the fun never stops when it rains. With tplenty of indoor space including a gymnasium, multi-purpose room and plenty of classrooms our programming continues rain or shine. We pace each camper’s day with a mixture of indoor, outdoor, and water activities to allow for “cool off” times throughout the day.

  • What is the staff to camper ratio?

    We feel that close camper/counselor ratios are an important factor in your child’s experience so that EVERY child feels included and gets the proper staff support and attention. For our Starfish campers, you can expect a 5:1 ratio in your child’s group. For our Dolphins and Sharks Divisions ( for grades 1-5) the ratio is about 7:1.

  • Can we “extend” during the summer for extra weeks?

    You may add extra weeks during the summer, provided there is availability in your child’s age group. We are committed to limited group size, so space may be unavailable. Your extra weeks will be billed at the pro-rated weekly rate that your child was orginally enrolled for.

  • What is the parent drop off and pick up procedure?

    Our South Breeze staff will be highly visible as you arrive at camp. We will welcome and direct you to the proper drop off area. Once your vehicle has stopped, a counselor will greet you and your child and help your child out of the vehicle. Campers are always walked to their meeting area. The same will be done at pick up in the afternoon. In order to ensure safety and ease for everyone, we ask that you remain in your vehicle during drop off and pick up times. Please call or email us, if you will be dropping off late, or picking up early on any given day.

  • Do I provide lunch for my child? What does camp provide with regard to food or drink?

    Parents should plan on sending their child to camp with a lunch, two snacks and a refillable water bottle. On Special Event Fridays, we provide the treats… yummy frozen desserts or themed snacks. Fridays are also "Pizza Day." Parents can sign up for pizza each week for their child for $2 per slice.

    There are plenty of water stations around camp for campers to refill their water bottles.

  • What do I need to send to camp with my child besides a lunch?

    Campers should come to camp everyday with a water bottle and two snacks in addition to their lunch. Our Starfish campers( ages 3-4) should bring in water shoes and sunscreen that will be left in your child’s clubhouse so that they are available for use each day. We will notify you when more sunscreen is needed. We will notify everyone about the camp swim/water days for each so you can pack swimsuit, towel, and watershoes.


    For our youngest campers (Starfish ages 4-5) we ask that you send a spare set of clothing to be kept at camp. Please send shorts, shirt, socks and underwear in a labeled Ziploc bag.

  • What does my child need to wear each day?

    Campers should arrive at camp dressed in comfortable clothes for an active day. All campers should wear sneakers and socks, shorts, tee shirts and a hat for sun protection. We ask parents to PLEASE APPLY SUNSCREEN PRIOR TO ARRIVING AT CAMP. Campers engage in outdoor play throughout the day.

  • What equipment does the camp provide?

    We provide all sports equipment including tennis rackets. We do ask that your child bring swimwear, but we will provide all other equipment. If your child would like to bring their own personal equipment (baseball glove, tennis racket etc) they may do so. Please be sure to label all equipment! PLEASE DO NOT SEND VALUABLES…. NO JEWELRY, ELECTRONICS OR CELL PHONES.

  • How does camp celebrate birthdays?

    Birthdays are a big deal at South Breeze! We provide a cake and your child's group celebrates in style. If you like, you may drop off cupcakes or a birthday cake to be shared with your camper’s group during lunch. “Happy UnBirthday Day” is a special event in the eighth week of camp where we celebrate all birthdays that do not take place during the camp season.

  • Is there any medical care at camp? What if my child has allergies?

    We have a nurse on campus during camp hours. The medical form will ask you for pertinent information. We encourage you to contact us should you want to discuss ANY of this in greater detail.

  • What is the "Volunteer" Program?

    Our volunteer program is for teens entering 9th and10th grade who are looking for a summer of fun, while taking on some responsibilities and learning about what it takes to be a counselor and a leader. In addition to developing leadership skills, Volunteers are expected to help camp function smoothly by assisting our activity specialists in set up and break down of activities, participating in activities with our campers and acting as role models for our campers.

  • How do I get more information?

    We look forward to answering any questions you have. Please call us at 239 213-8001 anytime between 9:00am and 6:00 pm or email your question to fun@Southbreezedaycamp.com. You can always submit a contact form.